Map of LaGrange Highlands

LaGrange Highlands map

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Rain Barrels are a perfect solution in the Highlands for residents to cut down on water usage and reduce the amount of rainwater runoff. You can purchase a Rain Barrel locally through the MWRD.
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Many residents have contacted the Association regarding flooding issues around their homes and immediate area. The Association has been working to identify the responsible government entities and has found that, unfortunately, our unincorporated status has allowed a lack of clear jurisdictional responsibility. With the help of Cook County Commissioner Sean Morrison, the Association is attempting to meet and create some type of working committee made up of the County, the Lyons Township Highway Department, and the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRDGC). All these agencies have some jurisdiction but their roles are not clearly established and more importantly funding is not expressly budgeted for the needs of the Highlands.

As part of the Lower Des Plaines River Watershed, we are represented on the West Cook Municipal Conference by the Lyons Township Highway Department. The Association hopes to strengthen the Highlands representation by gaining a more direct voice in the process through the efforts mentioned above.

The MWRDGC does have responsibility for the entire Cook County watershed. The Watershed Management Ordinance applies to all development within the boundaries of Cook County. This ordinance addresses only development and redevelopment, but it is still an important document affecting the Highlands going forward. Copies of the ordinance can be found at However, as part of the broader responsibility for watershed management, there is a detailed watershed planning effort that will address regional concerns and proposed capital projects. These stormwater issues have developed over many years and will take some time to resolve, but the Association continues to work on your behalf and we will be sure to keep you apprised of information as it becomes available.

In an effort to comprehensively and accurately address stormwater runoff issues in our area, please fill out the Stormwater Issues Form if you have experienced problems on or around your property. The form in MS Word or PDF format can be submitted to the LGHCA by email or mailed to our P.O. Box. The LGHCA Board has been working with elected officials and is hoping that collection of this detailed information will call attention to the severity of the problem. If you have questions please contact our Stormwater Committee Chairman, Barb Scapardine.