Map of LaGrange Highlands

LaGrange Highlands map

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A meeting was held on October 24, 2018 to address stormwater concerns and other items of concern in our community.  
A majority of the residents who came to the meeting were concerned about stormwater flooding.  Representatives from Cook County (see meeting notes for names and contact information) offered to help and encourage residents to contact their office to address their concerns. 

The MWRDGC does have responsibility for the entire Cook County watershed. The Watershed Management Ordinance applies to all development within the boundaries of Cook County. This ordinance addresses only development and redevelopment on properties over 0.5 acre, and does not include single family homes, but it is an important document affecting the Highlands. Copies of the ordinance can be found at

If you have questions please contact our Stormwater Committee Chairman, Barbara Scapardine.


Thanks to the Township Highway Commissioner, many roads have been repaved, please see link to map below.  Streets indicated with an “X” have recently been repaved.  Additionally and most recently streets not included on the map are:

Patching Wolf Road
                  Howard Ave
                  Harvey Ave


Click here to see a map detailing driveway culverts that have been replaced (dots). Street repaving is indicated with an X.
Click here for complete notes from the October 24, 2018, Community Meeting

Green Infrastructure Information:

Rain Gardens A How To Manual for Homeowners.   University of Wisconsin-Extension

Iowa Rain Garden Design and Installation Manual

Sustainable Landscape Systems for Managing Stormwater.  Chapter C – Rain Garden Design and Construction, Ohio State University Extension.

District Of Columbia Department of Transportation, Green Infrastructure Standards

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District      Green Infrastructure Partnership Opportunity Program

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